Tucker, why are you singing so high?

I sing pretty high sometimes but it is usually limited to falsetto versions of I'm Every Woman while driving.

I wrote a song called Almost In Love, it's a slow kinda song about someone who is just about to fall madly for someone but feel a little hesitant because they've been hurt in the past. I wrote it in the car a capella and sang it free of instruments for a few weeks. When it came time to figure out some chords I must have been singing it a bit higher than I normally do 'cause now I went to the studio and found it hard to sing my own song. It's not overly high just a bit close to the top of my range. Aaron seems pretty confident I can do it and says it sounds fine so... practice, practice, practice until my next studio session so I can nail it. 

I figure if I do something that kinda scares me then there is less around that I need to be afraid of. Wish me luck that my fear doesn't overwhelm me and leave me in a weeping heap shrieking "I'm every woman, It's all in meeeeeeeeee." 

Here is some of my work tape recording from when I was writing the song: