Demanding a bit more respect from myself.

I had an idea for a t-shirt based on my song "Why They Call It A Crush". I had an idea for a technique to hand make t-shirts. Tired of always having only ideas I decided to actually make the t-shirts. But instead of waiting for me to do it myself I put a message in my newsletter saying I would "video myself making a shirt and sing a song of your choosing" and people actually took me up on the offer. Now I have to make shirts. 

A similar thing happened while making my Zany Zoo book. I asked the artist if she would like to do the illustrations she jumped at the chance and was done the entire book in a couple weeks. Then I thought "Well, I guess now I have to make a book."

I knew if I just waiting for myself to make the t-shirts I would never get around to it. But now having people waiting means I have to get off my butt and make them. So, I'm going to stop writing this now and head back to creating the stencil for the shirts. If you'd be interested in a shirt email me and I'll send you the details. 

Hmmm ... It's easier to let myself down than to disspapoint others. I may need to work on that and demand a bit more respect from myself. 

You can listen to Why They Call It A Crush and let me know in the comments if you think the shirt matches the the song.

Tucker, how was the first night in the studio?

Inside Aaron Young's studio - The Audio Lounge

I went to the studio on Thursday to do the initial tracking for Why They Call It A Crush.

I felt really confident considering it was my first time setting down a high quality permanent version of a song. Every other time, like when I've recorded for this site, it is a demo or a work tape, just something to get the idea of the song across.

The final take is complete and now it's down to adding other instruments and harmonies.