Tucker, are you done in the studio yet?


All the vocal tracking was finished last week and now there is some work to be done with Aaron adding guitars and stuff.

It was a lot of fun I'm sad it's over so quickly. Now i just need to use my hustle muscle so I can break even or turn a small profit so I can record some more stuff. That means my next steps are to find a music supervisor who'll love my songs enough to put one in a movie or a TV show. Maybe there'll be a Gilmore Girls reunion show and my song'll get played when Rory gets married. --- I mean -- Umm --- who's Rory? What's a Gilmore Girl? Is that like a Girl Guides troupe or something?

I'll post a song soon I just wanted to let all of my readers1 that the recording sessions are done. 


1 I love every single both of you

Tucker, how was the first night in the studio?

Inside Aaron Young's studio - The Audio Lounge

I went to the studio on Thursday to do the initial tracking for Why They Call It A Crush.

I felt really confident considering it was my first time setting down a high quality permanent version of a song. Every other time, like when I've recorded for this site, it is a demo or a work tape, just something to get the idea of the song across.

The final take is complete and now it's down to adding other instruments and harmonies.